Bellevue Church Open for In-Person Worship

Thanks to careful thinking and planning by our Re-opening to In-person Worship committee, we’re now back to church Sabbath mornings! Sabbath School starts at 9:30am and the Worship Service starts at 11:00am.


Adult Sabbath School Class News: Our adult Sabbath School classes are gradually returning to meet in-person.

–Fellowship Hall Class

–Sanctuary Class

–Shelley’s Class

–Mother’s Room Class (formerly young adult class)


In the Children’s Division: After careful consideration, and a year and a half hiatus, we are inviting the rest of our children’s Sabbath School leaders, teachers, and students to resume Sabbath School once again!  The safety protocols are as such:
1. Make sure that your child(ren) do not have a fever or feel under the weather, even if it is just a cold.
2. For children 5 years old and above as well as teachers, a mask will be worn following the state guidelines that are currently in place. Social distancing will be in place as well in the classrooms.
3. Teachers will have hand sanitizer available, and will monitor the “touching” of materials like songbooks, crayons, pencils, and handouts to be sure that during the ensuing week, items will be virus free the
following week.
4. Recognizing that in the year and a half since we were last together, children have gotten older, they may be entering a different classroom. We encourage parents to accompany their children downstairs the first couple of weeks to introduce them to their teacher in the division they would now be attending.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Carolyn Howson.

(Check back to this page for updates, or email


Regardless of vaccination status, everyone (5yr and older) needs to wear a mask inside the church.


Be sensitive. We’re all navigating this “re-opening,” whether we’re in church, at work, in stores, and all the other places in our lives. But we have different health and family situations, so some of us may not be as comfortable getting back to the “old normal” right away. Let’s stay sensitive to each other’s choices as we meet and greet each other again.


Please click the following link to read more important things you need to know to be safe at church. What to Expect When You Return to Bellevue’s In-Person Worship


Pastor Maylan



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