Church Bulletin

May 14, 2022

We welcome our guests and our members to Bellevue Church today on this Sabbath morning. We hope you feel welcome and blessed by His word.


Alivia Spady FROM Bellevue SDA Church TO Loma Linda University Church of SDA’s (Loma Linda, CA)

ABC BOOKMOBILE COMING IN MAY: The ABC Bookmobile will be coming to Bellevue Church again on Sunday, May 29 from 3:30-4:00 pm (note the later time). Pre-orders are encouraged, but not required.
Orders may be placed by calling (253) 833-6707 between 10:00 and 2:00 pm through May 26.

ARE YOU HIDING YOUR CANDLE UNDER A BUSHEL? This is a plea for more pianists to help make our church services beautiful. Some of our current wonderful pianists find it difficult to prepare a prelude/offertory/postlude plus hymns once every month, and would be SO happy if one or two more pianists could be found, making an every-other-month schedule possible. If this appeal has touched your heart, contact Carrol Grady (360-668-2314)

BIBLE READING RANGE FOR NEXT WEEK: If you are following the “Read Your Bible Through in a Year Schedule” like Pastor Maylan is, the chapters you will want to read this coming week are 2 Chronicles 14-33.

GRADUATION SEASON IS COMING: If you have a graduate in your family (preschool, kindergarten, 8th, high school, college) please let either Pastor Maylan or Kayla Mellon know so we can make sure the are
recognized by their church family.

KSDA & PSAA GRADUATION TIMES: If you would like to celebrate our Bellevue Church Grads (Jack Bucher, and Aaron Olfert) at PSAA and KSDA, here are the times and details.

June 2, KSDA 8th Grade Graduation @ PSAA Gym, 7:00 pm
June 3, PSAA Consecration @ Kirkland SDA Church, 7:00 pm
June 4, PSAA Baccalaureate @ PSAA Gym, 11:00 am
June 5, PSAA Commencement @ PSAA Gym, 11:00 am

Worship Service
11:00 a.m.

Announcements – Pastor Maylan Schurch
Prelude – Erin Hoffmann
Introit – Erin Hoffmann
Call to Worship
Strength 4 the Week – Interview
Offering – WB: Disaster & Famine Relief – Dick Hammen
Offertory – Erin Hoffmann
Praise Team – Deanna Wong & Friends
Scripture – 1 Chronicles 29:10-13 – Dick Hammen
Celebrations & Concerns/Prayer – Dick Hammen
Children’s Corner – Sophia & Kayla Mellon
Worship In Music – Robert Sharer
Sermon “The David Attitude” – Pastor Maylan Schurch
Closing Song – “The Lord’s My Shepherd”– #546
Benediction – Pastor Maylan Schurch
Postlude – Erin Hoffmann