NOMINATING COMMITTEE FIRST READING: Last week the Committee to Select the Nominating Committee chose the following individuals to be on “Nom Com”: Yvanna Hammen-Alvarez, Carolyn Howson, Lois Meythaler, Lexie Nordby, Jing Pecht, Willman Rojas, Clarissa Velasco. Thanks to each for his or her “yes”! Next week we will have the second reading.

POTLUCK TODAY: Please join us for potluck in the Fellowship Hall following the service. Our  potlucks are the first and third Sabbaths each month.

JUBILEE REACH VOLUNTEERS: Today, April 20 from 1-3 p.m.  “Jubilee REACH Saturday Market” is a food program for families in need at the Jubilee REACH Community Center. Volunteers are needed on the second and third Sabbaths of each month to run the market and build relationships with the families and show them the love of Jesus. Spanish speakers are especially helpful but ALL are welcome. To volunteer, please complete the signup sheet in the foyer of the church or contact Susan Milam or Annicia Gayle-Geddes.

NOM COM SURVEY DEADLINE APRIL 27! Please complete the nominating committee survey if you were given one (deadline April 27!) Please continue in your church role if possible. Thanks! — Maylan Schurch

CAMP MEETING 2024: Washington Conference will have Camp Meeting June 17-22, on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy. Go to to make reservations for staying overnight.

THUNDER ISLAND VBS is June 24-28, 2024! We need more volunteers! Sign up sheets for volunteers are on the easel in the foyer. To preregister children, you may use this online registration:

DO YOU LIKE FRESH SOURDOUGH BREAD? Do you like the crisp crust contrasting with the moist and tender center? If so, you are in luck. The Sojourner Pathfinder club is selling Sojourner Sourdough. Each loaf is hand-made with the highest quality ingredients and is on sale for $6 for a 30 ounce loaf. All proceeds support the Pathfinder International’s Camporee in Gillette, Wyoming this August. To place an order or if you have any questions, please contact Rich Wong via e-mail at or text at 425-268-1120.



Announcements: Maylan Schurch

Prelude and Introit: Erin Hoffmann

Call to Worship: Music on screen

Invocation: Maylan Schurch

Strength 4 the Week: Ritchie Hammen

Offering: “Local Church Ministries” – Tristinn Williams

Offertory: Erin Hoffman

Praise Team: Gail Thurmon & Friends

Scripture: “Genesis 9:12-17” – Olga Palmero

Celebrations and Concerns/Prayer: Tristinn Williams

Children’s Corner: Lois Meythaler

Special Music: Yvanna Hammen-Alvarez

Sermon: “When God Speaks” Part 2 –Genesis 3 – Maylan Schurch

Postlude: Erin Hoffmann