Church Bulletin

December 3, 2022

Welcome and Happy Sabbath
We are thrilled to welcome our Puget Sound Adventist Academy band and choir students and their families to our church today.


GAME NIGHT TONIGHT: Join us tonight at 6:00pm for games, snacks and drinks in the Fireside Room. If you have a favorite game you would like to share, bring it! See you tonight

CHRISTMAS BRUNCH NEXT SABBATH: Sign up today in the church foyer for our annual Christmas morning brunch on December 10 from 8:30-9:30am. You won’t want to miss this festive tradition.

CHEER BASKETS: If you are interested in helping to fill our Cheer Baskets this year please check out the sign up sheet in the foyer and add your name to what you would like to help with. Items will be needed at the church by December 15 or call Dixie to make other arrangements at 425-828-4685. Please leave a message if she is not available.

TOY DRIVE: We are still collecting toys and games for our families in the community that attend Clothing Bank to give to their kids this
Christmas. Our Toy Drive will be December 7 and 14. We are looking for new toys, games, crafts, and activities for ages 2-16. Last year we were able to give presents to 145 children due to your generosity. Let’s make this year just as great as last year! You can leave your unwrapped toy donations in the church office for Kayla to take care of. If you have any questions you can email Kayla at We can’t wait to have another great toy drive!

SOJOURNER SOURDOUGH: Do you like fresh sourdough bread? Do you like the crisp crust contrasting the moist and tender crumb? If so, you are in luck. The Sojourner Pathfinder club is selling Sojourner Sourdough. Each loaf is hand-made with the highest quality ingredients and is on sale for $6 for a 30 ounce loaf. If you would like to pick up a loaf, please contact Rich Wong via e-mail at or via phone or text at 425-268-1120. All proceeds will be in support of Pathfinder International Camporee 2024!

BIBLE READING RANGE FOR NEXT WEEK: If you are following the “Read Your Bible Through in a Year Schedule” like Pastor Maylan is, the chapters you will want to read this coming week are Ephesians 4-2 Timothy.

Worship Service
11:00 a.m.