Who We Are

Our Bellevue Seventh-day Adventist SDA church was founded in 1963, when about 80 members of the Kirkland SDA Church began meeting at the Lake Hills Baptist church a few blocks south. The congregation first constructed the two-story north “educational wing,” and then the main sanctuary, which was occupied in 1979. In 1980, the congregation began a community food bank, which became so large that it was turned over to a community multi-service organization. In 1987, a free clothing bank was begun in the educational wing, and its ministry continues to the present.

Our congregation’s philosophy can be summed up with the words of a hymn which was printed on the cover of the 30th anniversary “Homecoming ‘93” program booklet:

What joy it is to worship here, and find ourselves at home,

Where God, who uses every gift, has room for all who come!

Yet are no two of us alike, of all the human race,

And we must seek a common ground, if we would share His grace.


***The Bellevue church has established a no-attendance policy for registered sex offenders, which includes all church-sponsored events.***