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DID YOU MISS A MEETING AT CAMP MEETING? Or was there a meeting that you really enjoyed and would like to re watch? Well the conference has all the meetings (kids and adults) on their Vimeo page. Just click this link and you can browse through all the videos you may have missed. Washington Conference (

2 JOHN RAW! Recently I suggested that you read through the Old Testament’s shortest book, Obadiah, several times, without using study Bible notes or commentaries–just to discover what the raw text itself might have to say to us. Now I’m doing the same with a tiny New Testament book too! Why don’t you join me? Here’s the link to the web pages which has 2 John in several version, including Greek. — Pastor Maylan

OBADIAH RAW! Pastor Maylan is urging everyone not only to read more Bible this year–but to read it RAW! What does that mean? It means to read more of just the Bible alone–unflavored by study Bible footnotes, unprocessed by paraphrasing, even unhampered by verse numbering. In his sermon on January 2, he introduces this kind of Bible reading, and suggests that you spend a lot of time with Obadiah using the New King James Version, from which he has removed the numbers, which you’ll find by clicking the link at the end of this paragraph. As you read, look for God’s “attitude”. What gets Him emotional? What does He really care about? To read and study this 21-verse book click this link:

Racial Issues Resource Page: We’ve gathered several articles and resource links that have been provided by the conference and our church. We have created a Racial Issues Resource Page here on our church website to easily access all of these resources.

Patrick Phelps and the Junco: Sabbath morning, May 9, Patrick Phelps had a gentle encounter with a junco which had flown in through an open sanctuary door. Read the full story –and see a clip of Patrick releasing the bird outside– at this link:

Sabbath School Lessons Online:

New! Bible Reading Plan: Read Your Bible Through in a Year! Click Here!

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