Photo and Commentary ©2023 by Darren Milam
Wednesday, November 8, 2023

A few years back, I had the privilege to journey on a Canada and New England cruise, where the ports of call included Halifax, Nova Scotia. Along with the history of the city and surrounding area, we were able to take in the sights of a beautiful city garden. As you can see, the Fall colors reflecting on the pond make a great view. Actually, the colors of the leaves aren’t as vibrant as they most likely were a few weeks prior. Our tour was to close to the end of the season to see all the Fall foliage at its peak. That said, I wasn’t complaining too much, as these colors were still very impressive.

When I recalled this location and image as I was preparing for this photo parable entry, it reminded me a bit of our lives. Not to get too deep into the whole process of foliage lifecycle, but we know (typically) green means a healthy oxygen rich plant/leaf. As the seasons change, temperature and length of daylight play a role in the color changes to these leaves. Just like these leaves, longing for life from light, we too long for life from THE LIGHT. We need that direct view and connection to our Creator. When we have it, we are “green” and full of life. When we don’t, things start to change, and not in a good way.

Now, I realize I am comparing being disconnected to God, and these beautiful, colorful, vibrant leaves (in this case, reflecting off the water). Why would I use that as a comparison? I’ll tell you. It’s true, when we are directly connected to the Son Light, we do feel healthier, and others can tell there is a difference. In contrast, when we slip and fall, and aren’t as connected as we’d like, God still is there for us. He is always there to share the positive, even during a negative time. The colors of the leaves may mean the process in which they will ultimately fall to the ground is underway, but still there is beauty in that process. The reason there is beauty in that process is because God is in complete control of all.

From the very beginning, it is recorded God created the light by saying, “Let there be light … .He saw the light was good…”. God is our LIGHT. It’s clear, we are far better off, seeking Him every day (multiple times). Even when we aren’t actively searching for Him, God is looking for the goodness in each one of us. He continually focuses on the positive colorful and vibrant parts of us. Just like those leaves, they may have a short lifespan on this planet, but they can still bring beauty and joy to others. The great news, the life we live on Earth, is miniscule to the life we will live in Heaven with our one and true Creator, basking in the “Son Light”!