SAGE Kenya Trip and retirement of Bob Grady

Dear Church Family and Friends —

Many of you know that our own Bob Grady has recently retired from SAGE (Seniors in Action with God for Eternity).

If you’d like a fascinating, photo-studded look at this phenomenonal volunteer organization (founded by Bob), just keep scrolling down! First you’ll read comments from Washington Conference by Candace Faletogo, who sent out the SAGE newsletter recently, and then you’ll see the newsletter itself! — Maylan

CANDACE WRITES: Hope and trust that you are doing well! I am sending you this message on behalf of Bob Grady and the SAGE Ministry team with the attached SAGE Advice 2022. The newsletter highlights the most recent SAGE mission trip to Kenya, to keep you up to date on that. Also, Bob has officially retired from his role as SAGE president on Nov. 15th, on his 90th birthday. We had a fun celebration for him at the office last month, highlights on that is also featured on this newsletter.

On behalf of Pastor Bob, thank you to each of you for your ministry alongside SAGE. It has been fun and rewarding I’m sure for most of you. May you enjoy this blessed holiday season with friends and/or family! Take care!

FROM MAYLAN: Here’s the link to the newsletter!