Photo and Commentary ©2023 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, April 28, 2023

Last Sabbath after church was over, I was enjoying a conversation with a couple of folks in our church’s fireside room. We noticed some hand sanitizer bottles on the counter, and somebody figured that we could arrange them into a marriage ceremony, with a Bible which happened to be nearby to sanctify the wedding! The pastor, in back and elevated on a wooden molding,  seems to have just said, “You may now kiss the bride,” because that’s what’s happening!

Humor aside (although don’t put it too far aside, since it’s a vital ingredient to happiness), marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind. My wife and I are partway into our fifth delightful decade, and I fall into a fit of panicky trembles whenever I think about how life would be if we’d never gotten acquainted.

In the Bible, God often uses the metaphor of marriage to describe the closeness He wants us to feel with Him. Scripture has a lot to say about human marriage. Why not take a moment and review the very important texts in the two links just below?