Photo and Commentary ©2023 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, November 25, 2023

Almost exactly a week ago, at a busy intersection about a mile from our neighborhood, I saw a man standing, festooned with signs. His left hand gripped a pole surmounted by a sign which read, “Jesus is the Lord,” and his right hand supported a smaller sign: “Prepare to meet thy God.” From two over-the-shoulder straps hung signboards, front and back. The one we can see has two Bible verses, the top one reading “Repent and believe in the gospel, Mark 1:15,” and the lower mostly obscured by a car-mirror.

I don’t often see this kind of faith-sharing, but when I do, I wonder how effective it is. We must never limit the Lord’s ability to use any kind of witness for His purposes, and it’s fully possible that someone whose heart has been softened by the Holy Spirit might just respond to this in-your-face nudge. However, among my congregation are several people who share their faith not by bumper stickers or signboards but the way Jesus’ earliest followers did: behaving in ways that convinced others that “they had been with Jesus,” Acts 4:13.

For more of what the Bible says about the “whys,” and the ways, to share your faith in Jesus, click the link just below: