Photo and Commentary ©2024 by Shelley Schurch
Sunday, February 4, 2024

Maybe if I’d been driving I wouldn’t have seen her. But I was a passenger as my husband turned into our post office parking lot, and paused so a car in front of us could back out of its parking spot.

So I was able to look out my window and see her, a cheerleader standing tall, lifting her arms high in the air, waving her pom-poms. You can see her in my photo above. I hope.

At least that’s what I saw – and when I pointed her out to my husband, he saw her, too, and said, “You’d better take a picture.”

Knowing how long the post office line could be, I decided to hustle in there first, then come out and take the photo. My cheerleader wasn’t going anywhere, with her roots firmly planted in the ground.

I was surprised and delighted to find that although there was only one person behind the counter, there was also only one customer in front of it, so I was in and out in an unheard of few minutes. Hooray! I waved my imaginary pom-poms in celebration, then took the photo.

It was only after I came home and was looking over my day’s photos that I saw the metal V perched above and to the right of my cheerleader, echoing the shape of the upstretched arms. V for Victory, every cheerleader’s delight.

And then I noticed the barbed wire stretched across the top of the wall. Perhaps reminding me that this isn’t heaven yet, not the final Victory, and pain intrudes into each of our lives.

When our Bible study group compared notes yesterday, we agreed that, for varied reasons, it had been a hard week. There was increased work pressure, ongoing illness, the death of a beloved pet, a friend’s sudden massive stroke, and more. We commiserated together.

Yet there was recovery from illness, renewed strength, a mini-vacation, answered prayer, bright rainbows, and more. We celebrated together.

The group itself is cause for celebration, a safe place where we can wave pom-poms for each other and also pass around the Kleenex box. We “rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” (Romans 12:15 NKJV)

What a gift, to have at least one person in your life who can be counted on to cheer you on and lift you up. What a privilege to be that person for someone else, for several someones.

And yes, this reminds me of Jesus.

A gospel song from years ago popped into mind, “No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus.” ‘Tis true.

From cradle to cross, He was here because of us. God with us. Walking with us, caring for us, all the way Home.