Read Your Bible Through in a Year!


Just as “fake news” can puzzle or panic people who don’t have the facts, incomplete or misleading information about God and His plans can definitely cause heart-troubling consequences. If we don’t know what’s really in the Bible, we might fall prey to ideas (well-meaning or not) which are offered by people who are themselves confused in their understanding. But if we do take the time to let God speak to us from His Word, we’ll find comfort and courage—and much, much more! We’ll find a solid, steady Friend, and the biographies of many men and women who loved Him yet cared enough to sometimes argue with Him. We find timeless inspired wisdom and joyful praise—all of which we’ll need all through the year!


The plan you see below is taken from the Andrews Study Bible (Andrews University Press, 2010). In the morning you’ll read a short New Testament passage, and in the evening, a longer Old Testament one, bringing you triumphantly to Revelation and Malachi as the year concludes. You don’t have to wait until January to start–just enter the plan whenever you want.

During 2017, each Sabbath I preach—unless there’s a special event or other reason to go a different direction—I will base my sermon on one of the passages found in that week’s reading plan. I’m enjoying exploring the Word in depth this year!


Look for the stories. Real life is complex, and you’ll discover that real Bible stories are equally complex. Knowing this gives us permission to not always, immediately need to have everything solved in a black-and-white way. Look for where we’ve given God bad options. Sure, God is allpowerful, but He is also all-generous with free choice. While we might want God to always solve problems our way, He didn’t do this in the Bible. But— in His own best timing—He brings better solutions than His people could ever have thought of on their own. So as we read His Word, let’s cut God some slack. Think of all the slack He’s cut us! Look and pray for ways you can change your world for Him. And remember, if you change just one person’s attitude about God and His love, you have changed that person’s entire world! —Pastor Maylan