What to Expect When You Return to Bellevue’s In-Person Worship

Thanks so much for the gracious and unselfish way you have followed the mask, distancing, temperature-taking, and other guidelines since we returned to in-person worship!


Now that most pandemic restrictions have been officially lifted, I have consulted our Return-to-In-Person-Worship Committee, and here’s what we’re suggesting for Sabbath Worship:


Temperatures. We will no longer be checking temperatures. If your own temp is elevated, or you have other possible COVID symptoms, please stay home and join us by watching the service online.


Masks. If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you need not wear a mask. If you haven’t been vaccinated, please wear a mask, on the honor system.


Social distancing is no longer necessary. The ropes on the ends of the pews will be removed.


What about Sabbath School? We’re working on the logistics for resuming both children’s and adult’s Sabbath School classes.


Be sensitive. We’re all navigating this “re-openning”, whether we’re in church, at work, in stores, and all the other places in our lives. But we have different health and family situations, so some of us may not be as comfortable getting back to the “old normal” right away. Let’s stay sensitive to each other’s choices as we meet and greet each other again.


We thank the Lord for helping us through these last 16 months, and are looking forward to a “closer fellowship”!


Pastor Maylan