Photo and Commentary ©2022 by Carolyn Howson
Sunday, May 8, 2022

[We invited Carolyn Howson to share a Mother’s Day tribute to her own centenarian mother, plus all other mothers.]

She brought us into the world. With her, we began creating our first memories. Her smell, her smile, her body language, her little whispers and warnings and snuggles we fell in love with. Mom. Trust began with her. Relationship-building and a sense of security all wrapped up — not in a book or How-to Manual — but in the life and love of Mother
“With Mother in the Family, Happy, Happy Home” is still sung in Beginners’ Sabbath School. (Plus Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Baby.) But, it really does start with Mother, doesn’t it? And once again, we turn our thoughts this weekend to honoring that wonderful God-given role that mothers have embraced across the centuries.

This year, as we think of our own mothers and cherish the treasure trove of memories we share with them — we also have vivid images of places in our world where moms are being thrust into protection mode while navigating their families out of dangers’ way. Terror and tears, courage and fortitude, love and liberty all have been shown on the faces of mothers and fathers whose devotion to family and country are standing firm and with resolve.

My mother just celebrated her 100th birthday in February. In spite of her broken bones from a fall in January, she was blessed on her birthday with nearly 50 guests who came by and received her cheerful smile of appreciation for having come. It was a taste of heaven. Don’t you think the creation of family with a Mom and Dad was a Masterful idea on the part of our Heavenly Father?

Some of us know the loving counsel or advice another mother has passed on to us — mentoring through the years, or even being a role model to other moms. There may be a woman you would like to thank this Mother’s Day for showing you a mothering heart.

Dear Father, Thank you for family. Thank you for our mothers and those who have been like a second mother to many of us. May they know they are loved and that their faithfulness in this role has contributed to Your kingdom. Bless each one with peace, joy, and good health as they continue to minister to their families.