Photo and Commentary ©2021 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, October 23, 2021

This past Monday afternoon I spent a few minutes in a waiting room, and noticed this child’s toy on a table by the window, placed there so that little kids could have something to occupy themselves while mom or dad did what they came to do. The object of the toy is to slide a series of large colorful beads along stiff wires to stack them at the opposite end.

I don’t know what this toy is called, but as I pondered it, I suddenly came up with a name: “The Game of Life.” You could think of each of the beads as a person. Take the wire at the left, for example. To go through “life,” the beads on this wire will experience some ups and downs before joining their buddies at the end. Isn’t that what happens in the human experience? There are highs and lows, and sometimes the lows get really deep.

And look at the circular wires on the right half. A bead traversing this path goes around and around in circles, and if it were conscious, it might wonder if it were really getting anywhere. But finally it too comes to the end of the journey.

And then there’s the third journey, a humpy wire which goes right through the middle of the circular wires. This person might be living with a “circle-er,” and must stay on track with their own life without getting unhealthily distracted.

Anyway, we could sit here gazing at this game and spinning philosophies about it, but life is truly complicated, isn’t it? What gives me some tranquility is knowing that Someone created life’s “game,” just as a toymaker fit the above assembly together. And even though you and I are not racing along predetermined wires, God can guide and comfort if we give Him permission.

Here’s a link to one Bible verse which can give us courage. Why not learn it by heart?