Photo and Commentary ©2021 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, July 31, 2021

I grew up on a South Dakota farm, surrounded by civilized plants (such as corn, wheat, alfalfa, carrots and radishes), and uncivilIzed plants (weeds). My duties sometimes included hoeing rows in the soil so that Mom could plant the carrots and radishes, and whacking away at the weeds with the blade of a manual weed-chopper (think of a golf-club swing and you’ll get the idea).

Consequently, never having been emotionally starved by the absence of growing things, I have never been what you could call tender-hearted toward flowers or plants. I let them alone, and if they survive, good for them.

However. On Wednesday of this week I was pausing at our kitchen window, pursuing some culinary goal, when I noticed the above flower nudged up against the wooden slats of the window-blind. This window faces west, and what with our recent spate of warm weather (including June 28’s 108 degrees!) I’ve tended to close those slats to fend off the fierce sunlight.

With a bit of mental effort I remembered that this flower is growing from a plant which was a gift. And I think I remember the donor, someone whose thumb is as green as a piece of broccoli. And I felt a pang of pity for this bloom, struggling gamely toward the slit of sun it could see. In fact, just after I finished typing the sentence before this one, I went over and opened the slats wider, so that now the flower is bathed in sunlight. You’re welcome, flower.

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