Photo and Commentary ©2020 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, November 28, 2020

I snapped this photo almost exactly a month ago as I was driving north on I-405 into Bellevue, Washington. What you’re looking at are a few of the towers of the downtown area.

The tall, grayish building on the right is being reflected in the glass windows of the much larger building on the left. But you’ll notice that the reflection isn’t clear, nor is it proportionally correct. That’s because the glass is curved.

But do you see the small blue building between them? If I’m reading the angles correctly, its front edge is also reflecting the same gray building, just a small part of it. But what we can see of the reflection seems to be more accurate than the one in the curved glass.

Do you know what parable-point this makes for me? Just because you’re a huge building doesn’t mean your window glass reflects correctly. And just because you’re a tiny building, if your reflector isn’t distorted, you can display a more accurate view in spite of your size.

A lot of philosophical and religious systems are trying to mirror reality these days. But if their presuppositions are flawed, their realities are distorted, and people who try to live their lives according to these distortions will be damaged. (Think of the freewheeling “free love” and LSD cultures of the 60s and early 70s and the damage and regret these ideas caused.)

Fortunately—providentially—there is such a thing as true truth. We just need to know where to find it. Check the link below for Bible advice.