Photo and Commentary ©2023 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, January 20, 2023

A little over a week ago, idling at a traffic light, I snapped this shot of a heavily-stickered wheel-cover on what was probably a Jeep. The cover’s main message, as you see, is “One Life. Live it.”

A few minutes ago, in the comfort of my home office, I zoomed up the photo and studied the smaller stickers surrounding that four-word manifesto. I don’t see any specifically Christian ones (though I do see the words “I believe.” However, just above that phrase is a silhouette of Sasquatch).

So I’m thinking the manifesto means, “Each of has one life. After that, we die. Therefore let’s live this one as fully as possible.” I’ve met people who firmly believe that, and maybe you have too.

To our Creator, that manifesto is actually true, but not in the way the Jeep owner might think. In Eden, when God created our first parents, He gave them one life. And for them and any of their descendants who accept His Son’s death for their sins, their life will not end. True, there’ll be the sleep of death, but to their perception it will be merely merciful anasthetic lasting just an eye-blink. Their resurrection will restore all the original life-voltage of Eden, unfiltered and undampened by the rot of sin—but they will finally be able to truly experience that one life, for all eternity.

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