Photo and Commentary ©2022 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, November 25, 2022

In late October I spotted the above hopscotch game a couple of blocks from our home. “Happy Halloween!” the sidewalk announces at the bottom, and just above that greeting is the invitation “Hop on your favorite.”

Picture yourself as a participant in the game. You’re balancing on one toe, maybe directly over the scrawled spider atop Halloween’s two “L’s,” surveying the choices for your first hop. You could choose vampire, ghost, or mummy on the first line, or cats, bats or spiders on the second, or witch, skeleton and dragon on the third. What’s your favorite? (Or it’s probably more sensible to ask, what would have been your favorite at age 8?)

All this might be a bit chuckle-inducing, sort of a “kids will be kids” moment, except that there is a Satan, and though he’d like you to think of him as a cartoon, he’s not. Jesus took him seriously, and assured us that he and his influence would one day be destroyed, just like the Halloween hopscotch game has faded in the gully-washer rain we had earlier this week.

To briefly review the devil’s “Bible bio,” click the link below. Make sure you read the verses about how to resist him.