Photo and Commentary ©2021 by Darren Milam
Wednesday, October 13, 2021

I would guess each of you might have a favorite season. One that you like, just slightly, over another. Maybe you like the hot summer sun, or you enjoy the chilly feel of the winter. I very much like the spring and all the lush greens (and other colors) it brings with the changes. I know many that like the crisp air, and reds, yellows and oranges of fall (or autumn). It is fascinating to see the various changes, whether it’s the temperature outside, the various activities we can do, or the differences (at least in the Pacific Northwest) in foliage. You can see the varying degrees of colors in these maple leaves I’ve captured. A couple of these leaves are still fairly green, but you can see the hints of change as well. In the other image the leaf is full of redness. Both have their distinct beauty.

Ironically, these changes to the foliage is a sign of death, as the leaves are dying and falling from the trees. So, why would I want to dwell on an aspect of this sinful world? I’ll tell you why – because our incredibly loving Creator makes something good – even if it’s not. In the case of the falling foliage, as the Chlorophyll (what makes the leaves green) starts to dissipate due less and less sunlight, the other pigments (red, yellow, orange) start to be much more visible. Not to get into a full scientific explanation, but the Chlorophyll is the chemical in the leaves helping the tree make the energy it needs to survive. Again, this process is incredible – yes, it’s part of the sinful world we live in, but even in this death, God shows us life.

Back to the green coloring of the leaves, transitioning into the other colors – once the other pigments start being visible, the energy process is coming to an end and the tree has now stored enough for the winter months. The leaves are beautiful to look at but will eventually fall to the ground. The next time the tree needs more leaves, they grow back in spring and with the help of the sun (and Son) start making that needed energy with new leaves.

Fall is here, and we can learn a lot about our heavenly father and His incredible concern for us, just by these leaves. Go take a walk and thank God for all the amazing colors.