“Faith in Jesus” Sabbath School Class

Who’s this new class for? This class is designed for people who are just getting acquainted with the Adventist church and its teachings, or who are curious about learning more. You’re also welcome if you’d like to revisit the foundations of your faith.

Where and when will it be held? We’ll put tables up in the Fireside Room, and make sure we’re all socially distant. Like the other Sabbath School classes, we’ll meet from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m., with our first class happening February 19.

What materials will we be using? I just discovered a wonderful book at the ABC which is the best basic Bible study series I’ve ever seen. It’s authored by Carlos Aeschlimann, longtime Adventist leader with 40 years’ experience in introducing thousands of people to Christ. This is the 2019 edition. (I’ve enclosed a photo below.)

Is it a study guide? A book? It’s actually a combination of the two. It’s a 60-page set of Bible study guides bound in a book called The Faith of Jesus. It has qualities I’ve longed for in a Bible study set for many years. (1) It’s brief—each one-page lesson contains 10 questions, each with Bible texts and lines for people to write their answers. (2) Each lesson concludes with a “What Must I Do?” section with advice on how to put that Bible principle into action. (3) Turn the page and you’ll find an “Additional Study” section with greater detail on the topic. In class, we’ll be going through one study “chapter” each week.

Can I have a copy of the book even though I’m not in the class? I have a limited number of copies of The Faith of Jesus, and I’m saving them for those who plan to regularly attend. It’s very inexpensive, however, and can be purchased from the Adventist Book Center.

If you’re interested in joining the class, let me know, and I’ll save a copy of The Faith of Jesus for you. Questions? Please email me back. Again, the first class is Sabbath, Feb. 19.

Maylan Schurch