Photo and Commentary ©2021 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, July 16, 2021

A little over a week ago I chauffeured Shelley to a store she wanted to patronize, and while I waited I noticed a pickup truck to my left. I happened to glance at the tire brand: Advent.

Hey, perfect photo parable, right? Do you have a set of “advent tires”? After all, whether we know it—or whether we particularly care—we’re all rolling inexorably toward the Second Advent, Jesus’ return. No exceptions. Which means that we want the best traction possible for that definitely bumpy ride.

So what qualities does an “advent tire” have? Well, from the literal tire’s ad promo, I can show you some details.

“XC” stands for cross-country, a mix of rough and smooth wilderness driving. Which pretty much describes what Jesus predicted about what will happen just before His return.

The rest of the tire ad promises driving flexibility and “a range of traction options”—just what we need in a spiritual sense as well.

Enough of the “parable”—it’s time we turned our attention to what the Bible really says about how to be ready for Jesus’ very literal and dramatic return. Check out the specifications at the following link: