Photo and Commentary ©2022 by Darren Milam
Sunday, June 19, 2022

NOTE FROM MAYLAN: Shelley and Darren switched blog-slots this week–she took his Wednesday slot so that he could write about his dad Chuck Milam for Father’s Day itself!

DARREN WRITES: Given the day, I wanted to remember my dad. He is no longer with us, but we certainly look forward to the day when we can be reunited.

For those that didn’t know my dad, I’ll let you know one of his characteristics — he was quite the funny guy. He was kind, protective, hardworking and loyal. He also loved to joke around and make people laugh, including himself. Thankfully, I inherited a bit of his sense of humor and I’m grateful I was able to pass it along to my son, and maybe even to my grandson (we’ll have to wait and see).

The image above is of my dad (one of my favorites), sitting on a Mexican beach. As you can see, he chose to take a chair off a patio, set it in the sand and let the waves lap at his feet. Now, I don’t believe he did this as a joke, but he did end up making us all laugh. That sense of humor and (we’ll call it) “free-spirit,” or not worrying about what others thought – allowed him to be himself. That “true self” as we hear more and more about, is a good thing. I think we’d all be better off, if we were true to ourselves and to others. Hopefully, it would result in more commonalities and, maybe, more laughter.

The image below is of my grandson whom I was able to spend the week with. As you can see from this image, Hugh was in “full lunch” mode when I went to take his picture – “Cheese”, he said. Now, similar to my dad’s image on the beach, I am not certain if Hugh was attempting to make a joke out of the portrait or not, but the result was the same – laughter from all.

I am certain when we are in Heaven and are reuniting with our lost loved ones, along with tears of joy, smiles and hugs, there will also be lots of laughter. If you have the chance, make sure to connect with your own father today – maybe you can tell him a joke and you can both laugh together.