Photo and Commentary ©2021 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, September 24, 2021

Thursday morning of this week I came to our church and was startled to see this piece of machinery parked in the foyer! When our administrative assistant arrived, she told me that this lift will be used to hoist some heavy appliances upstairs to our fellowship hall so they can be installed in what will be our renovated kitchen.

Okay . . . I’m bracing myself for your sighs and groans. But I can’t resist it.

Need a lift? Come to church!

All right. It’s off my chest. Apply moist compresses to your throbbing temples if you need to.

Seriously, you get the point, right? Over my decades of pastoring, many people have told me how much church means to them, and how devoutly they look forward to fellowship and Bible study and worship with their Christian friends. God created the Sabbath to be a slice of eternity which arrives every seven days, and it’s refreshing to our souls.

Want to hear some of what the Bible says about coming to church—and learn more about the “lift” it can provide? Click the link just below . . . .