Rosario Retreat 2021

Church Retreat Recap
by Brendan Pecht

Lots of fine memories were made this past weekend at our annual Church retreat at Rosario beach.  Prayers were answered as we had beautiful weather the whole weekend.  Many Church members and guests of all ages came together to relax,  worship, and share with each other. Friday and Saturday vespers along with the Sabbath sermon were led by Pastor Bill Roberts whose stories and illustrations are always moving and compassionate.  Many thanks to him for sharing some of the experiences from the biography of Stephanie Fast.

Robert Howson gave us the opportunity to use our brains during  Sabbath School as we answered some well prepared questions with related Bible verses. The results gave us some insights on how we think based on our age groups. Rosario beach is the perfect place for a Sabbath afternoon hike and this year did not disappoint! Lots of folks were out exploring the trails in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh air.

Ritchie Hammen encouraged us to brave the cold water with some hydrotherapy before dinner to really get our blood pumping and our minds alert. Some of us were able to stand in the freezing water for quite some time while others not so much. Shortly after an amazing sunset was enjoyed by everybody during vespers. Dinner and Sunday breakfast was provided by the social committee and was excellent as usual. Traditional root beer and orange floats to go with Saturday evening board games too.

THANK YOU! to the Social Committee led by Keven and Erin Hoffmann for planning and making this years’ retreat a success.