Photo and Commentary ©2021 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, January 9, 2021

Every time I walk by this board fence in our neighborhood, my eye is caught by the white electrical outlet mounted low on one of the fenceposts. As you can see, this isn’t someone’s back yard (that’s on the other side of the fence). It’s not a front yard (that’s around the corner to the right, out of the picture).

No, this is an exterior side yard, containing nothing but the fence and the grass and the public sidewalk where I’m standing. So why the outlet?

To me, the most logical answer is that it was put there because the householder who installed it wanted to be able to power an electric lawnmower and maybe other tools like a weedwhacker. Whether or not the current owner actually uses this outlet, it’s there, at the ready, when needed. (And presumably a passerby who happened to have a plug-in phone charger along could crouch by the fence for a few minutes.)

You may be ‘way ahead of me about where I’m going with this. That electrical socket contains real power, 110 volts or whatever it is. We’re not talking AAA battery power, but power enough to make a real difference in a lawn. That power isn’t hoarded safely behind the fence—it’s out where anyone can get at it.

The Bible says that God’s power is the same—available to anyone who wants to use it God’s way. For a dozen Bible passages about God’s power and how you can get access to it, click the link below: