Photo and Commentary ©2020 by Darren Milam
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

That’s an ominous title for such a beautifully colored image. Well, the fact of the matter is – when we see this incredible fall foliage, we are seeing the leaves dying. Most of you already know this, but the reason the leaves change to these gorgeous reds, yellows and orange colors, is part of photosynthesis – actually the lack thereof. During photosynthesis, chlorophyll is used to help the leaves stay green. When the weather changes and the temperatures start to decline, the process slows and eventually stops. Without this green pigment, the leaves turn different colors, and they begin to wither and fall from the tree. Where’s the life in that?

Well, think of what Jesus did for us – coming to this planet, growing into a man and eventually dying on the cross for us, taking our pain and suffering on Himself, and giving us the chance at life beyond this planet. Just as the process of the leaves ends in the loss of leaves, the trees begin the process to produce new leaves, new life – another chance, as the cycle continues.

As we marvel at the colors we see around us (for those near deciduous trees), take a moment to soak in the beauty. Now take a moment to think of the gift of life we were given, at the cost of Jesus’ death. It’s an incredible gift. Not one to overlook. Take advantage of the life Jesus has provided for you.