Photo and Commentary ©2020 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, September 19, 2020

This Thursday morning I had just emerged from a Goodwill store in my perennial quest for the best in used books (I found a couple, by the way), when I spotted this crow walking across the parking lot. Under his right wing was what looked like a Q-tip with a dark blue or black tip.

I grabbed for my smartphone, of course, and started following him trying to get a shot of the wing with the object. What you see above is very enlarged, because once he saw me following him, he stayed at a safe distance. You can just barely see the white object, as though tucked under his wing.

I’m assuming that the crow would prefer that this object not be under his wing, or (sad thought) impaling his wing. If it was his choice to carry it, it would probably be in his beak, and he would be flying away to take it to his nest. As it is, he looks a bit like a formally-clad aristocrat strolling down a boulevard, carrying a cane. An accessorized crow.

God’s original design for this crow, of course, was to build into it everything it needs so that it didn’t have to carry around accessories. He even clothed it so it wouldn’t need to shiver nakedly through the air!

As I’m typing this, I pause to consider the accessories I carry around with me. There’s a Fitbit on my wrist (which sends data on how many steps I take to my smartphone and from there to my health plan, impelling me to stay active and therefore healthy.) My shirt pocket contains two pens and my phone. In my left pants pocket is my reading-glasses case. In my right pocket I normally carry a notebook. In my left rear pocket is a comb.

And around me in my office I see many books, several notebooks, a computer, a printer, a banjo, and on and on. I’m accessorized!

At the same time, I know that I can’t take any of this with me when I die. And eventually, in our planet’s final conflagration, computer and Fitbit and banjo and books will melt or burst into flame, and even the ashes will vaporize.

Whoa. Sobering thought, right? There’s nothing wrong with accessories, of course. Jesus the Carpenter created chairs and tables for His customers to use. Paul made tents.  The eternal Holy City is created out of the best and most durable building products, and is aesthetically pleasing.

But it’s healthy to remember from time to time that the only thing we’ll be taking with us into eternity will be our personalities and our characters. Even our bodies will be new.

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