Photo ©2020 by Amber Jurgensen
Commentary ©2020 by Russell Jurgensen
Thursday, September 17, 2020

In this small-town store, the pace of life must be slow and casual for this cat to be sitting on a shelf at the center of the image. It is not the most comfortable spot, but it must afford a good position to watch people come and go. It is also a good position to get pets from passing shoppers. Maybe some people find it therapeutic to meet this cat who reliably offers a warm greeting. I doubt if this cat ever criticizes anyone. This old-fashioned store also has a spacious front porch with benches where the locals (and the occasional visitor) hang out to catch up on the town news.

Whether our pace of life is fast or slow, let’s remember it is not just about the things to do, and we can offer warm greetings and encouragement to those we meet.