Photo and Commentary (c)2020 by Robert Howson
Tuesday, August 4, 2020    

It goes without saying, if I were the property owner my views would undoubtedly be skewed  much more strongly to the right.  But as one driving past with the car window down, there is at least a part of me that has to acknowledge the artistry of those producing their messages on city walls.  One of the signs caught my eye and I only had time to capture part of what it had to say.  In large, red letters it read:  “GOD CANT SAVE”.  But what you can’t see is the rest of the message.  It continued:  “…THE COPS”.   Without a doubt it was written out of anger or frustration toward a political system rather than an effort to take a stand on theological issues.

What made the sign even more interesting is the event that took place after the original sign was painted on the wall.  Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but this is what I’d like to believe happened.  One of the conscientious protesters, upon reading the bright red sign, recognized in the sign-maker’s enthusiasm that he had limited the power of the Almighty.  So, armed with a spray can of blue paint, he painted over the T.

Wishful thinking, perhaps, but what it does is exhibit a challenge to you and me to make sure we present a picture to the world of a God that does, and can save. Save COPS, save BLM supporters, save BOOGALOO backers, save FORTUNE 500 members, save absolutely anyone.  There may be times when a can of blue spray paint might be employed to get the message across, but I suspect you can come up with ways you think personally might be more effective.