Photo and Commentary ©2020 by Maylan Schurch
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tuesday morning on a walk I spotted this driveway with a strip of wood running down the center, and some delicate little purple flowers sprouting beside the wood.

I glanced at them, and turned back for a second look. The flowers themselves aren’t really all that dramatic. They’re not roses or tulips or tiger lilies. They’re just a splash of color, an accent of joy in a sterile landscape.

Which of course is what a missionary is. “Missionary” can seem an eye-rollingly boring and old-fashioned term, but Jesus Himself became a missionary to this weary planet, and one of His main purposes before His crucifixion was to train and launch other missionaries with the task of being lights in the world, salt in the earth–and you could also say flowers in the driveway.

Have you considered how “man-made” our world is? Almost everything we see in the cities, or hear about in the news, is man-made, whether it’s buildings or brutishness. That’s where true missionaries (reflectors of Jesus’ God-created, unselfish love) can make the greatest difference. Missionaries’ contrast with worldliness can make life difficult for them at first, but their witness for God can turn someone toward a happy eternity.

“Witnessing” is a word fraught with just as much fear and guilt as “missionary” can be. But to read some encouraging and challenging Bible comments about it, click the link just below.