Photo and Commentary ©2020 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, Sabbath, Sunday, March 27 – 29, 2020

Right around a week ago, just when everybody was getting really serious about not going out-and-about, I hurried cautiously into a bookstore (I think, the Barnes and Noble in Bellevue).

On the way to my favorite sections, I was brought to a stop by the sign on the box in the photo above. I thought, How appropriate for what we’re all going through. A bookstore—even a big one like B&N, in a big city like Bellevue, entertains a modest number of customers at best, and now that everybody’s backing away from human contact, it’s troubling.

The sign’s obvious main meaning seems to be, “In this box is a product which is packaged together. Normally we would break apart these packages and put the products individually on display. But this time, don’t do this.” Or maybe it’s talking about the box itself–don’t collapse this box for recycling.

But the meaning which hit me first—and to which the sign-printers were probably oblivious—was, “What’s happening to us all is really sad. Who knows whether some of us will lose our jobs? Who knows whether this bookstore itself will survive? It’s enough to make you break down and weep. But don’t. Please. It’ll just make the rest of us feel bad too.”

Jesus understood our response to crisis, and He did His best to soothe us—as did the rest of the Bible—with encouragement found in Bible verses you’ll discover at the following link: