Photo and Commentary ©2020 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath and Sunday, February 1 and 2, 2020

The subdivision where Shelley and I live has a homeowners’ association, and though I have never actually studied their guidelines about Christmas lights, the way all my neighbors handle this delicate problem tells me that you’re not supposed to put them up too early or leave them up too long.

So this year, within a few days of January 1, down came the lights, and lawns were cleared of inflatable Santas, nativity scenes, illuminated white deer, plastic snowmen, and in one case an in explicable but immense green dinosaur. Garages were no longer the screens on which were laser-projected falling snowflakes or rotating Santa faces.

There were some holdouts, though. A couple of families dutifully bowed to the association by removing all exterior decorations, but kept their living room trees fully decorated, and turned all their lights on so we could see them through the window.

And even as late as January 21, the rebels in the house in the photo ignored all public pressure and kept their modest but valiant light display turned on, even in the daytime!

This holdout family reminds me of Bible promises of the “remnant” group of believers God has always treasured. In Noah’s day, they were basically Noah’s extended family. After the Israelites wandered forty years in the wilderness, Caleb and Joshua were the remnant group who led and mentored the children of the rebels.

When a depressed and probably dehydrated Elijah lamented to the Lord that he was the only faithful follower left, God soothed him with these words: “Yet I have reserved seven thousand in Israel, all whose knees have not bowed to Baal . . . .” 1 Kings 19:18 NKJV

So take courage—God has a remnant of faithful folks, and will rescue them at the end of time. Satan hates them, but God will bring them through to victory.

To examine some Bible passages about the remnant—and to learn how you can be among them—click the link just below: