Photo and Commentary ©2019 by Cheryl Boardman
Monday, December 2, 2019

I had heard that Magnuson Park (on the west side of Lake Washington) was a good place to go to see dragonflies (I believe at least 18 species of dragonflies and damselflies have been recorded there) so one hot summer day I decided to go and check it out.

The reports were correct and the dragonflies were quite abundant. Some of the more common types were easily identified. There were red ones and blue ones and green ones and then there was this one pictured here.

I’m not quite sure what the name of the dragonfly in the picture is. According to my guidebook, with this color combination it should be one of two types of dragonflies but the spots on the wings don’t match the wing spots in the photos of either one of those.

As humans, we like to categorize everything. We like to know exactly what something is and how it fits in the big scheme of things. We can do this with people as well as with things in our environment.

We will probably never fully understand the people around us (and they may never fully understand us) or the things in our environment but we may get a better understanding of them as we get to know more about them.

The comforting thing is that God does know each of us and who we are and has since before we were born.

For You shaped me, inside and out.
You knitted me together in my mother’s womb long before I took my first breath.
I will offer You my grateful heart, for I am Your unique creation, filled with wonder and awe.
You have approached even the smallest details with excellence;
Your works are wonderful;
I carry this knowledge deep within my soul.
You see all things; nothing about me was hidden from You
As I took shape in secret,
carefully crafted in the heart of the earth before I was born from its womb.
Psalm 139:13-15 (The Voice)