Photo and Commentary ©2019 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, September 13, 2019

I’m afraid that when I paused in traffic beside the above car-toting flatbed, the first conclusion I jumped to was that it was a tow truck bearing an injured vehicle. I noticed the BMW logo on the back of the car, and thought, Wow, even BMWs get the collywobbles once in awhile.

But then I noticed that the edge of the truck’s bed also had the BMW logo. So I jumped from my first conclusion to the second: Not only do BMWs once in awhile fall into disrepair, but there are special BMW-specific tow trucks to carry them carefully to the repair shop, where thoughtful specialists in white gloves are waiting with their tender ministrations.

Dumb idea, right? So I jumped to a third conclusion—and mind you, these successive leaps happened within just a few seconds. I noticed the yellow tie-down straps, and decided that a tow truck wouldn’t use this kind of securing device. My third conclusion? The BMW is brand new, and is maybe being transported to its new owner. It’ll pull up in front of the driveway, tip back the bed, and roll that car into the lives of its owners.

Can you sense the parable forming here? You and I weren’t created by a mindless, designless process. Instead, we’re high-quality, “branded” merchandise—we’re children of God, and He personally delivered us into the staggeringly lovely world He created for us.

And soon He’ll be back—our Creator—to carry us lovingly to our healing home, the Holy City, the New Jerusalem. Special delivery!

Doesn’t that make you feel safe, and loved?

For some basic Bible verses about our Creator, click the link just below: