Church Bulletin

July 14, 2018

The Church at Study — 9:30 – 10:45 a.m

Welcome and Song Service
Lesson Study — “Pentecost”

WELCOME! Thank you for joining us this Sabbath day. A special welcome to VBS kids and their families who are here today. We loved having your kids with us this week, and we hope they had as much fun as we did.
OUR NEXT POTLUCK will be on July 21 immediately after the worship service. Everyone is encouraged to come enjoy good food and fellowship. Potlucks are on the first and third Sabbaths of the month.
2nd Reading: Carmen Bravo FROM Bellevue Central Spanish Bellevue Church
NOMINATING COMMITTEE UPDATES (Second Reading): Church clerk: Ted Spencer; Deacon: Michael Nabua; Elder: Marion Burtt, Rich Wong; Hospitality Coordinators: Jeannie and Farid Manteghi; Pathfinder Staff: Fabio Pintos, Tania Pintos and Carmen Prada; SAGE Representatives: Dave Gomes, Bob Grady. (First Reading): KSDA School Board Representative: Herb Kramer.
THANK YOU to everyone who helped in any way with this week’s Vacation Bible School! What a precious, happy spirit I sensed as I visited the various activities! — Pastor Maylan
COMMUNION SABBATH will be July 28. Plan to join us in celebrating this rite Jesus gave us in His last hours to help us commemorate His sacrifice.
GROSS OR NET? Should you calculate your 10% tithe on your gross or net earnings? Pick up the “Tithe & Offering Giving Guide” pamphlet in the foyer or on the literature counter by the stairs. – Pastor Maylan
VBS HELPERS NEEDED – Tomorrow from 9:00-12:00 all these wonderful decorations and stage settings will be taken down, and VBS will be put away for another summer. If you can give a couple of hours to help, the VBS crew would greatly appreciate it. Many hands make for a quick completion.
FAMILY ROSTERS – Be sure to pick up your copy of the 2018 Family Roster from the greeters’ table in the foyer. Help us save a little postage and take yours home today. Remember this is for members only. – Ceci Hansen
AMEN CLINIC – Did you volunteer at the recent Amen Clinic in our area and have a blessed experience? Or do you wish you had? You have another chance. On August 17 & 19, Port Orchard is hosting an Amen Free Clinic. While most of the need is for medical people, there are volunteer opportunities for other areas of service. Go to for more information.

The Church at Worship — 11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Announcements — Pastor Maylan Schurch
Prelude — Jaron Jin
Call to Worship
Invocation — Pastor Maylan Schurch
Offering — NAD: Women’s Ministries — Bob Grady
Scripture — Psalm 34:19 — Bob Grady
Celebrations & Concerns/Prayer
VBS Mission Report
Postlude — Jaron Jin