David and Goliath stop-motion video by Junior Class

This stop-motion video (viewable by clicking the link at the bottom of these paragraphs), showing David the shepherd boy defeating the giant Goliath, was shot by our Junior class November 18, 2017. It lasts only three seconds, but it deftly gets its point across. Before you watch it, read this:

As the scene opens, we see the giant Goliath standing in front of some high hills backed by deep-blue sky. A blue brook is in front of him, beside which are a couple of white stones. Goliath strides proudly up and down—and suddenly a human hand appears for a split second! (Russell tells me that this was the hand of a Junior whose job it was to move Goliath between camera-clicks. But I suppose it could also symbolize the Hand of God in human events!)

Young David appears to the right, and—with the help of a Number 2 pencil—bends down to pick up a stone. Then, since Junior Room technology doesn’t include ways to levitate paper “stones” and still do frame-by-frame photo animation, the stone is forced to travel across the ground and smite Goliath on his insteps. He topples, a defeated foe. At this point watch carefully, because you’ll see Goliath’s severed head disappear!

Thanks to Junior Leader Russell Jurgensen for directing and sharing this delightful video!  – Pastor Maylan

Watch the video by clicking the link below (the series of numbers)! You’ll be asked to download the video, which won’t take long. You’ll want to watch it several times.