Photo and Commentary ©2019 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, August 9, 2019

If you’re a fairly frequent visitor to my Daily Photo Parable spots, you may have picked up the fact that some of my blogs arise from photos I have taken in thrift shops.

I’m a great fan of these “repurposing centers,” and have found office supplies and books at a fraction of the price I would have paid if I got them retail.

However, books and office supplies are one thing, and used guitars are another. I’ve even stopped picking them up and strumming on them, because they always turn out to have bent necks, or strings too high above the fingerboard. And they sound awful.

But when I spotted the above guitar in (I think it was) a Goodwill store a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t thinking quality. I was thinking nostalgia. Because this guitar is an exact duplicate of my very first guitar, which I somehow acquired at age 19. It was what you’d call a “learner’s guitar,” and despite left-hand fingertips which the wire strings threatened to rapidly turn to raw hamburger, I learned the basic chords, including the dreaded “F.”

Did I buy this Goodwill guitar? Nope. Not goin’ back there. It served its purpose, and I am now on to a bigger and better guitar. But back when I needed it, there it was—and cheap—and I got some good use out of it. My parents could have scrounged together the funds to get me a really good guitar right at the start, but they were cautious. “Let’s see if he sticks with it,” they probably said to each other.

And those unforgivingly tough little wires were good for me. They built up the calluses every guitarist needs so he or she can finally play beyond the pain to the pleasure. That little guitar was the latest in a long line of instructors who taught me patience.

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