Photo and Commentary ©2019 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, May 24, 2019

The gas station I patronize most often is an ARCO a couple of miles south of the church. The attendants are friendly, and I’d probably have to go several miles out of my way to get a better price per gallon.

These gas pumps are the kind that speak to you while, as a captive audience, you are standing there waiting for your tank to fill. I was okay with this when the video screen gave me first a brief news or sports update, followed by a weather report, and then a vocabulary quiz which didn’t allow me much guessing time before giving me the correct answer, and finally informed me that Amazon was hiring.

However, in recent months that little video display has taken to simply yammering. The screen displays what you see in the photo above, and a male voice repeats over and over, “With PayMedia you have the power to fuel success.” Over and over and over.

I’ve gotten so sick of this that not only do I feel no need to Google what PayMedia is, but also, as soon as I hear those words, I leap nimbly over the fuel hose and repeatedly punch the “volume down” button on the display, which rewards me with a soothing silence. (Although, when the fueling is done and the nozzle flow kicks off, I hear one more rebellious “PayMedia!”)

Maybe one of the things that annoys me is how the announcer says the sentence. If I myself were paid to record this mini-commercial, I might emphasize it this way:

“With PayMedia, YOU have the POWER to fuel SUCCESS.”

But here’s how the announcer emphasizes it:

“With PayMedia, you HAVE the power to fuel success.”

That “HAVE” is the only emphasized word in the sentence.

Suddenly (thinking in Daily Photo Parable terms), a word entered my mind: assurance. What the announcer was saying was that if you sign up with whatever PayMedia is–and don’t tell me because I don’t want to know–it’s not that you MIGHT, if you’re lucky, eventually get the power to fuel success, but that if you have gathered PayMedia to your heart, you HAVE (right now, present tense) that power.

Assurance, right?

Some Christians worry dreadfully about their own salvation. But they don’t have to. They simply need to read the staggering amount of Scripture which talks about the right-now assurance we can have. To read these verses, click the link just below: