Photo and Commentary ©2019 by Bev Riter
Sunday, April 21, 2019

Early Sunday morning Mary of Magdala, Joanna and Mary the mother of James went to the tomb where the body of Jesus had been placed. Bewildered, they didn’t know why the stone had been rolled away and Jesus’ body was no longer inside. Suddenly, two men in dazzling garments appeared. One of the men asked why they were looking for the living among the dead and said that He had risen. Now they were really confused. After thinking, they remembered that Jesus, while in Galilee, spoke about being crucified and would rise on the third day. Wow! He wasn’t dead after all, but alive! They must tell the others. And so they did.

The others would not believe the women! While two of the followers of Jesus walked toward the village of Emmaus and talked between themselves, another man joined them on their journey. Not looking at the man, they talked about their friend, Jesus who had been crucified. They didn’t realize this man was Jesus! When they sat down to eat, their eyes were opened. Finally, they recognized this was Jesus! He had risen as the women had said. Then He disappeared.

Astonished, the men quickly returned to Jerusalem to tell the others that Jesus was alive. They had seen Him! As they were talking, Jesus suddenly appeared among them. And the others saw Him, too! (Luke 24)

The above picture, showing the risen Jesus, is above His empty tomb in Jerusalem. Today, we celebrate Easter Sunday, thinking of the sacrifice Jesus made for each of us.