Photo and Commentary ©2019 by Maylan Schurch
Friday, January 11, 2019

A couple of days back I got a surprise in the mail—a huge white envelope from Lithuania. It contained a large 8-page newspaper called Vilties Saltinis (which Google Translate tells me means “Source of Hope”). A 3-inch-square white post-it note attached said, “Hi, Maylan. Your article is on page 6, ‘How to Really Believe in Jesus.’”

I turned to page 6, and saw what you see in the photo above. The orange-brown lettering of the title contains no words I could recognize from French or Latin (though I’m no expert in either, but you can sometimes pick up hints). The only one I can make a guess at is the last one, which is capitalized and which probably means “Jesus.”

I admire the editorial staff for making a valiant stab at “Maylan Schurch.” As in English, they almost get it, but they’re still a little off. “Meilanas” has a mellifluous, hopeful sound, but everything grinds to a halt with “Scerc,” which even to Lithuanian ears probably sounds like a collision between two Mini-Coopers.

But then comes the article itself, and there I am frankly at sea. Meilanas Scerc and his words are entirely at the mercy of the translator, who—since the newsletter staff liked the article—has presumably put forth a conscientious translation.

What happened is that my article originally appeared in the Signs of the Times, an Adventist magazine written with the general public in mind. The Vilties Saltinis people saw it, and decided it could meet their needs as well.

So here I am, circulating around Lithuania, being read by Adventists and non-Adventists alike, speaking in tongues—not directly in an Acts 2 manner, but through the mind and typing fingers of someone as devoted to God as I am.

Would you like to read the English version of “How to Really Believe in Jesus”? Check it out at the link below: