Insect in Spider Web
Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Robert Howson
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The following outline is not only questionable from a scientific standpoint, but undoubtedly not true. That being said, it may still be beneficial.

Insect subject species: Unknown
Spider species: Unknown
Reason for demise of insect: entrapment in web: Probably injection of venom
Current condition of subject: Dead
Reason for being in current condition: Speculative : but here goes possible speculation on the part of the insect:

–web doesn’t look that threatening; does not appear strong
–I’ve never been caught before–no spider in sight
–my superior (and beautiful) wings would be able to free me from any possible entrapment, should such an unlikely event occur
–my friends fly around here all the time and none have ever reported any problems, although I haven’t heard from Judy recently
–I’ve heard about traps before, but you can see right through this thing
–I’ve been working out a lot in the gym lately, even if I should get caught, which is very unlikely, I should be able to fly right through it
–parents warned me about things like this, but times have changed

Conclusion: Dead
Further study needed by subject: None
Recommendations for other future subjects: Disregard speculations of current subject