Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, December 1, 2018

One of the reasons Shelley and I look forward to the Christmas season is that quite a number of the neighbors where we live go all-out with Christmas displays. One household, for example, covers all the bases. Not only are there lots of colored lights, but they have an inflatable nativity scene at one end of their yard, and an inflatable Santa at the other!

But this past Sunday we noticed the simple display above. It features the obligatory reindeer as a nod to the season, but it also features a manifesto. As you can see, a number of these beliefs are politically charged, and could probably make a Christmas dinner in this home an interesting couple of hours.

Neither Jesus nor anybody else in the Bible promoted, or insisted upon, celebrating Christmas as a holiday. But He did arrive on this battered planet with some manifestos, and He would probably even nod His head in approval at a few of the ones printed on this sign.

What Christmas messages are you communicating—at your workplace, in your neighborhood, in your family? They don’t have to be as in-your-face as what’s on the sign. But you and I should behave in such a way that communicates that God is love, and that He did a desperately loving deed when He sent His Son to die for our sins, and that He wants us to accept the best Christmas present ever (His Son) and live forever in a happy eternity.

For some interesting Bible answers to questions about Christmas, click the link just below: