Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Maylan Schurch
Friday and Sabbath, October 5 & 6, 2018

A few weeks back Shelley and I took a quick getaway to Sequim (pronounced, believe it or not, “skwim,” sort of like “swim” with an inserted “k.”) While there, we drove to a marina, and I spotted this research boat, and got a kick out of its name. Obviously, the scientists who inhabit this boat and use it to research the nearby Strait of Juan de Fuca, know about the name’s double meaning, and probably get a bit of humor out of it. “Well, that’s what we’re doing,” they say. “Straight science.”

And I’m sure they do their best. They take measurements, develop and test hypotheses, then re-test to verify their results. But I have a feeling that, as that boat roars off on each new venture, it is peopled largely by scientists who have omitted to bring the assertions of their Creator along with them. I wonder if any of them ever stares at a fish, or through a microscope at a cell, and wonders, Did someone design this? And if so, who? And how? And why?

I know a number of scientists who calmly include God’s Bible assertions in their research kits. They strive to verify their ideas with strict scientific methods, but sometimes their presuppositions (which their colleagues may have discarded) help them discover and verify hypotheses the others miss.