Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Russell Jurgensen
Thursday, September 20, 2018

We have reminders of God’s power and love around us on a regular basis. There are some things, however, that remind us more vividly of God’s power. At Mount St. Helens, there must have been some staggering power to lift away the entire top of the mountain. This image is looking down from the rim to the new dome inside the crater. Mount Rainier is in the background.

From a scientific perspective, these things are natural occurrences. But it is a valid perspective to trust that God’s words are true and that He created our world and the universe it is in. Considering the whole universe, God’s power is unimaginable. Likewise, God’s love is bigger than we can imagine.

Sometimes we might wonder why God does not intervene to stop personal and national tragedies from happening. In a limited sense, we know that life on earth has a purpose to demonstrate the results of sin. Fortunately, God does work in our lives and does not leave us alone. Also, when tragedy strikes we can surround each other with God’s love. One day we will see fully what it all means. Until then, let’s use God’s reminders of His power and love to encourage us.