A couple of days back I was in a grocery store. In one of the aisles was what looked like a grandma pushing a cart, with a little girl in the cart’s child seat. The girl must have been about three.

Grandma was on the phone, and had paused the cart to concentrate on the conversation. The girl, which up to this point had been making miscellaneous little-girl noises, now started saying “Goodbye,” over and over again in a plaintive voice. (A man pushing another cart came past her, and he replied cheerfully, “Goodbye.”)

The girl had learned that “Goodbye” was the way grownups often closed off a phone conversation, so she was evidently coaching grandma from the sidelines to get off the phone. Though she didn’t say it in so many words, she meant, “Grandma, let’s go. I want to go home!”

For His own reasons, the Lord has not yet set in motion the machinery of the Second Coming. But don’t you sometimes feel like that little girl, weary with our planet’s sad stalemate, and longing for a land and a Father we were made for? “Goodbye to this world and all its brokenness,” we say. “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!”