Back when I was a kid attending an Adventist church in South Dakota, I was always deeply intrigued by the annual offering for Christian Record Braille. This was an Adventist organization which specialized in providing reading material for blind people. I believe that even at that time they didn’t restrict their Braille and recorded output to religious materials, though this was their main focus.

If a Christian Record representative was present at church in person to make the offering call, he would always bring a stack of little cards with him. Each card was covered with Braille dots, along with an alphabet in which a printed letter was placed beside a Braille pattern. He would then tell us that there was an important message printed in Braille (but not in print letters) on the card, and that when we got home from church we should try to decode it.

I remember running my fingers along those bumps and saying to myself, “I could never do this. I could never, ever learn to do this.”

One time I took one of those cards home and did try to decode it. I discovered that it was a quote from Helen Keller, the blind and deaf woman I’d read about in school. Her quote was this: “There are none so blind as those to will not see.”

So when I saw the man’s t-shirt in the above photo, I thought of those Braille cards, and Helen Keller. I also thought about the time when Jesus made a comment to His perpetual enemies the self-righteous Pharisees. He claimed that though they were physically sighted, they were spiritually blind.

What did He mean by this? You’ll find some clues–and some helpful guidance–at this link: