In a couple of Tuesdays I’ll be volunteering at our local Adventist schools, and I’m looking forward to see the student-created art projects which will soon be up on the bulletin boards.

Isn’t it funny how pretty much every kid, when very young, likes to draw? Sure, the stick figures and strange-looking animals are a bit grotesque, but the depth the pencil has dug into the paper shows how forthright and passionate each artist is.

And then come fourth grade, or fifth grade, and suddenly most kids stop drawing. They’ve reached the age when they can critically compare their own art efforts to the professionals’ creations in comic books and other places.

Classroom teachers know this, and are doing a wonderful job of stirring up these young creators to try again, this time with guidance. And the results are so good they’re chilling.

Let’s keep in mind, all through our lives, who we’re related to. God, who insists that we are created in His image, is the ultimate artist–and engineer, and entrepreneur, and all the rest.

So keep your creativity alive. Stretch your mind. Start drawing doodles again. And as you do so, ask the Lord to use the talents He’s given you to reveal His love to the people you know.