Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Maylan Schurch
Sabbath, August 4, 2018

Sometimes I think that, if I had been raised surrounded by a lot of superstition, I would see omens under every bush.

Or in every patch of sky. A week ago Friday Shelley and I were driving around doing errands, and suddenly I spotted what you see in the photo above—two horizontal clouds which looked like a well-defined set of lips. I grabbed my camera out of its belt-case and snapped a few shots before the clouds dispersed.

The lips of God, I thought for a moment. If those really were God’s lips, what would He be saying to us?

The traffic light changed, and I shifted my attention to my driving. But I’m glad I took the photo. It reminded me that, invisibly but just as emphatically, God is speaking to this planet. In Exodus 20 He literally spoke the Ten Commandments out loud, from a mountaintop. When Jesus came, He was the “Word” of God, as John 1 says. And His ascension after the Savior’s resurrection meant that the Holy Spirit would arrive with increasing power. And the Spirit of Christ inspired the Bible, which has spoken in many languages to many generations for centuries.

Are you listening?