Photo and Commentary ©2018 by Darren Milam
Wednesday, July 11, 2018

In Sabbath School class last week, we discussed what it means to witness. We agreed that part of meaning is giving an accurate account of an event of circumstances. We discussed that it’s the act of being truthful and forthcoming. Which is the exact opposite of the definition for distortion – “the action of giving a misleading account or impression.”

This image, capture on the shores of a beach outside of Port Ludlow, has a very distorting look – not clear. It’s difficult to view the ‘whole’ picture.

As we are asked to be witness for Christ, our goal is to provide a very clear image of His love. Be the witness He wants us to be. Show others what it means to live with Him at the center of our lives. Give them a clear and not distorted account of the story of salvation.