Photo and Commentary ©2017 by Darren Milam

It’s graduation time of the year. Whether you are part of a graduation, going to watch a graduation or you just simply know it’s that time of the year – it represents the future. What do I mean? Well, think of it this way – for the kindergartners out there, they are moving into full days of education and building on what they have learned thus far. For the eighth graders, the next step in their learning career is high school – new teachers, new subjects, etc. For the high school, class of 2017 (my son participates this coming Sunday) this is a big one – some will enter the work force and some will continue to build on their knowledge as they seek higher education. The list goes on – University, Master’s, PhD, etc, but I think you get the point. So, how does today’s picture tie things together?

How do we build for the future of our church? We invest in the kids/young adults – in them and their education AND we invest in any chance we get to spread the word of God, both locally and internationally – like in Fiji. This shot is of the work I was able to be part of, building a church there. On this particular project, there were several class members of 2017, getting ready to take on the next step – work or higher education. Either way, before they move forward, they took some time to help build the future of this Fijian church. Investing in themselves as well as others.

So, when you hear the familiar sounds of Pomp and Circumstance – think of all the building that’s going on. Thank God for the work that’s being done, inside and out!