Yesterday afternoon, just before sundown, US and other forces allied against Syria’s use of chemical weapons launched attacks on at least three sites in or near Damascus. And as the sun set, nobody was sure just what the response would be from Russia, Syria’s staunch ally.

I’m writing this on Sabbath afternoon, and since I take a news break on Sabbath, I’m going to wait until sundown to check on the latest. While I’m waiting, I’m pondering on what it feels like to be clueless about how the world will end.

As an Adventist, I’ve taken—and given—many Bible studies, and know the image of Daniel 2 from crown to toenails. I know what’s in Matthew 24, and Luke 21. What I don’t know is how it must feel to be uncertain about the direction the world is taking.

I don’t know where you fall on this spectrum, but I would encourage you to take advantage of a free Bible study curriculum. Go to and choose one of the two lesson options. If you’re Adventist, it’s a great and soul-calming review. If you’re in another category, you’re in for some amazing and stabilizing news. I just signed up for one of them myself.

So when sundown comes and I head to the news sources on my computer, my heart will be high with courage. I know that the same Savior who predicted details about the world’s end will be able to usher me through the trauma to a happy eternity.